Customer Relationship Management Strategy

EGCO Group stipulated a strict Customer Relationship Management Strategy which covers the providing of quality and trustworthy services, honest and timely delivery, fair treatment, customer classified information protection, as well as exercising no conflict of interest or using customer information for personal gains.

Additionally, EGCO Group builds customer engagement through organizing activities, panel discussions on supply and demand planning, and conduct customer satisfaction survey annually.

Customer Relationship Excellence

EGCO Group is committed to delivering reliable power supply in accordance with the electricity system standard to accommodate customers’ power demand continuously.

As of 2021, EGCO Group has 30 commercially operating power plants in Thailand and overseas. Our key customers are Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) with 46.84% of total generated capacity distributed, 18.81% to KPX Power Exchange (KPX), and 13.50% to Manila Electric Company (MERALCO). The remaining generated capacity is distributed to PLN, Energy Australia Pty Ltd., and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) respectively.

EGCO Group has commercially operating power plants in Thailand and overseas.

power plants

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)


KPX Power Exchange: KPX


Manila Electric Company: MERALCO)


Customers’ classification based on revenue reveals 20.84% of EGCO Group’s revenue came from EGAT, making them one of our key customers. From past performance, EGCO Group has always successfully delivered according to requirements on the PPAs, ensuring our customers and stakeholder that EGCO Group can meet customer demands well in every aspect.