To extend its business diversity, EGCO Group seeks for new investment opportunities to continuously strengthen power generation business which is its core business. EGCO Group also expands its opportunities to other related businesses namely fuel, infrastructure, and smart energy solutions, to build its operational stability for sustainable and continual growth.

Value Integration

Fuel & Other Infrastructure

Focus Area:

  • Fuel Pipeline & Transportation
  • Industrial Estate
  • LNG Value Chain
  • Gas Processing & Liquefaction
  • Regasification

Extend to Value-Added in Fuel and Other Infrastructure

  • Focus on investment in fuel and infrastructure for long term revenue and predictable cash flow for constant growth.
  • Seek roles and opportunities by focusing on investment in domestic and international markets that have been invested in before.
  • Follow and participate in business development together with shareholders and strategic alliance.
  • Initiate investment to familiarize with market and business.
Power Generation



Strengthen Core Business in Power Generation with Portfolio Balance View

  • Enhance network and focus on core business strengths to seek new opportunities.
  • Evaluate countries with an investment opportunity, production capacity, and growing energy demand, together with social and environmental importance.
  • Efficiently utilize assets in hand using diverse fuel sources for both traditional power plant and renewable energy power plants e.g. hydropower, solar, wind, and geothermal power.
  • Build an investment portfolio with diverse fuel sources to maximize revenue security for sustainable growth.
Smart Energy Solution

Focus Area:

  • Solar Solution Provider
  • Energy Storage & Integration to RE hybrid firm
  • Microgrid Components
  • Energy Management System

Explore and Sculpt into Smart Energy Solution

  • Evaluate future business growth possibilities and increase the opportunities for disruptive technology and new S-curve industries.
  • Seek the opportunity to extend to new business at the appropriate time and chance.
  • Seek appropriate financial funding approaches and concepts as per market possibility and manage the risk to an acceptable level.