Climate Change Strategy is one of EGCO Group’s business operational directions toward sustainable growth that is “Cleaner, Smarter and Stronger to Drive Sustainable Growth”. Cleaner means the investment in environmentally friendly business and improving working processes to their highest efficiency to reduce carbon emissions. Smarter refers to building power security and investing in new S-curve businesses to catch up with the rapidly changing technology (digital disruption). Stronger means maximizing returns to shareholders by finding business partners to build a strong and sustainable development together with all sectors of stakeholders.

Under this direction, EGCO Group shall operate under 4I Strategic Plan which covers a thorough operation comprising Invest – investing in sustainably growing assets that generate long term benefits, focusing on new environmentally friendly businesses including electricity generation from renewable energy, LNG, and new S-curve industries; Increase – increasing financial competitive ability; Improve – improving operational performance and managing current assets to achieve international excellence; and Innovate – driving its business with innovation and developing a sustainable working process to be ready for any future change.

Business Direction toward Sustainable Growth