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The customer is one of the most crucial stakeholders for business operations. EGCO Group is committed to building trust, confidence, and maintaining positive relationships with our customers. Additionally, the key factor for sustainable growth of a company is the customer’s consistent support. Therefore, EGCO Group has developed and implemented a Customer Relationship Management Strategy to effectively manage customer relationships and create satisfaction as well as brand loyalty.

Management Approach

Customer Relationship Management Target

Long Term Target and 2023 Target
  • Average customer satisfaction rate: 95%

  • No data violation complaints were received from customers or external parties

2023 Performance
  • Average customer satisfaction rate: 97.43%

  • No data violation complaints were received from customers or external parties

Customer Relationship Management Strategy and Excellence

EGCO Group has established a strict customer service policy which covers the provision of high quality and trustworthy services, fair and honest working practices, punctuality, and delivering quality products and services.

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Customer Privacy Information Protection

EGCO Group recognizes the importance of customers’ data privacy, both those given by the customers directly and through EGCO Group’s web service. Privacy policy was therefore prepared and announced.

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Updated as of April 2024

The information reported above was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI Standards). It has been audited by an external party and has received limited assurance through the 2023 Annual Report.