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EGCO Group gives importance to the organization’s energy management in order to promote energy conservation. As well as improve the operational efficiency of machines to reduce the amount of fuel used, which has a positive impact on the environment and contributes to the organization’s greenhouse gas reduction. EGCO Group’s power plants has continuously utilized advanced technologies to improve the efficiency of the system and working process.

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Management Approach

Energy Efficiency Target & Performance

Long Term Target

Develop projects to continuously promote energy conservation in the organization, as well as improve the efficiency of work and introduce technology to reduce energy consumption in the production process.

2022 Target

Energy consumption per production unit 3.92 gigajoule/megawatt-hour

2022 Performance

Energy consumption per production unit 3.92 gigajoule/megawatt-hour

Energy Efficiency Programs

EGCO Group is determined to enhance its overall internal energy management to be efficient by developing an energy conservation policy as a framework for energy management operation, which is part of its greenhouse gas reduction operation. An energy management working group has been established to review, develop, and monitor the organization’s implementation of energy matters on a monthly basis.

Apart from benefits to its business, improvement of energy consumption efficiency also has positive impacts on the environment. EGCO Group has continually implemented energy conservation projects within the organization to enable efficient energy consumption in the power plants.

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Updated as of March 2023

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