Corporate Governance Framework

[GRI 2-9 (2021), 2-12 (2021), 2-13 (2021)]

The Board prescribes Good Corporate Governance Principles based on 6 pillars – P-R-E-A-C-T – as a framework for overseeing and managing EGCO Group’s business operations as follows:

Promotion of Best Practice
Promote compliance with good corporate governance principles and Code of Conduct
Operate business with responsibility towards the community and society and caring for the environment
Equitable Treatment
Treat all shareholders and stakeholders equally
Perform duties with honesty and integrity
Creation of Long-Term Value
Create long-term value for the shareholders and increase competitiveness to create sustainable growth
Ensure fairness, transparency, accountability and no direct or indirect involvement in any form of fraud and corruption

Corporate Governance Structure

EGCO Group grounded its corporate governance principles by appointing the Board of Directors with the responsibility to oversee and monitor the management’s performance. This includes laying out the corporate strategy and policy which impact EGCO Group’s present and future operational directions. The well-established corporate governance ensures EGCO Group’s compliance with international standards, builds trust and credibility for stakeholders in a transparent and fair management system. Furthermore, the Board has appointed 5 sub-committees responsible in these specific areas as follows:

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