Why is this Important?

Employees are our most important asset for the organization’s sustainable growth and contribute to achieving the organization’s vision and missions. EGCO Group places great importance on recruiting talented employees with knowledge, skills, and capabilities that are aligned with our corporate values and culture. The company also retains talented employees by providing appropriate compensation and benefits in line with employee’s needs. EGCO Group has set up a plan for human capital development continuously and regularly not just to build capabilities and skills that are relevant to job responsibilities, but to also support employee’s development along with EGCO Group’s growth.

Management Approach

Employee Management Target

Long Term Target
  • Effectively implement the human capital management system reformation

  • 100% of employees who attended the Succession Planning & Development program are considered as successor for management positions

  • Achieve Employee Engagement result more than 60% within 2024

  • Increase the number of female employees in Junior Management positions by at least 50% within 2025

  • Increase the number of female employees in Management positions by at least 30% within 2025

  • Increase the number of female employees in revenue-generating functions by at least 30% within 2025

  • Increase the number of total female employees by at least 30% within 2025

  • Share of female employees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) positions with significance contribution to business operations is 50% within 2025

2021 Target
  • Effectively implement the human capital management system reformation for 4 systems: Performance Management System, Talent Management Implementation, Compensation Structure Implementation, and Competency Model Redesign

  • Fill 100% of vacancy management positions

  • Promote employee diversity, such as race/ethnicity and nationality

  • Promote employee inclusion including disability, sexual orientation, age, language, and other minorities

2021 Performance
  • Completion of various human capital management projects as targeted. However, the Talent Management Implementation will commence when employees have better understanding and are better prepared for relevant matters

  • Fill 100% of vacancy management positions

  • Employment policy covers talent recruitment process with transparent guidelines that comply with “respect to human rights” and “fair treatment of labor”. Diversity and inclusion is promoted in the process for recruitment and other related activities which can be considered from 2021 Sustainability Performance Data: Human Resources

Employee Management

EGCO Group developed and established the Human Resources Management – HRM policy to cover all aspects of employees.

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Employee Recruitment and Selection

EGCO Group’s recruitment process of potential candidates is conducted transparently under clear guidelines with “respect to human rights” and “fair treatment of labor”.

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Compensation and Benefits

EGCO Group places importance on a fair and appropriate remuneration and welfare policy. The company is committed to providing financial stability for our employees during employment and retirement.

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Human Capital Development

[GRI 404-2]

EGCO Group supports every level of employees in learning, training, and expertise development to prepare for EGCO Group’s continuous expansion. We create a corporate culture with learning at the core.

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Fair Performance Appraisal

EGCO Group conducts evaluation fairly according to the performance efficacy and related skills with an emphasis on operational results of the employee.

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Employee Engagement Survey

EGCO Group has been conducting employee engagement surveys continuously throughout the years and has taken those results into improving our operations, human capital developments, and employees’ welfare.

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Employee Quality of Life and Well-Being

[GRI 401-2]

Apart from employee qualifications, EGCO Group realizes the importance of employees’ well-being and quality of life. It is an essential aspect of a successful work-life balance, building employees' bonds and trust to grow together with the organization.

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Diversity and Inclusion

EGCO group values diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace and have been operating our business following the international standards regarding diversity and inclusion

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