EGCO Group encourages its personnel to engage in innovative ideas and creativities to enhance the efficiency of their work thereby driving the company toward sustainable development. It also aims to cultivate an organizational learning culture, facilitated by management’s support that enables employees to practice through trials and errors in an acceptable framework and promote knowledge exchange within the group culture. EGCO Group’s employees are trained to realize the values of knowledge management, thereby integrating it into their work processes.

EGCO Group has organized innovation competitions and activities within the company since 2018 under the project “EGCO Group Innergy” to enhance employees’ knowledge and capabilities to showcase their creativities or innovations that are beneficial to the company, thereby making the company achieve its vision to become an international innovative organization. These innovations have the potential to be developed and upgraded into real business or services to its subsidiaries and other companies, thereby influencing the costs or generating benefits for the company. It could be further developed into an effective production process resulting in a cost-reduction or improving operating process to be more efficient.

In 2023, EGCO Group organized a workshop on the “Tech Taste” concept, aimed at providing its employees with experience in modern digital skills. The workshop covered the following areas:

  1. AI & robotics Applications through various tools such as ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Alisa.
  2. Data analytic skills through PowerBI for both office and power plant operations, teaching employees data management techniques and creating dashboards.
  3. Application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in creating smart connection tools to be used in their professional tasks or personal lives.

Furthermore, the company has organized “EGCO Group Innergy Season 3, 2023”, an internal innovation contest designed to discover the ultimate idea to reshape EGCO Group under four main themes including greenovation, operational innovation, social innovation, and workplace innovation. This contest aimed to inspire and empower contestants to showcase their full potential, skills, and creativity in creating innovative solutions.

Details of the innovation projects are provided in:

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