EGCO Group encourages employees to adopt innovative ideas and processes and apply them to working processes to improve efficiency and sustainable development. EGCO Group is committed to creating an innovative culture of knowledge and is supported from by management to provide employees with the opportunity to take action, try, and exchange knowledge.

EGCO Group conducts training for employees to foster value in knowledge management and to drive knowledge management to be part of working processes. Under “EGCO Group Innergy”, EGCO Group has been establishing innovation competitions within the organization and innovative activities since 2018. This is to promote knowledge and capabilities of employees in initiating creative or innovative ideas that are beneficial to the organization, thus allowing EGCO Group to achieve a vision of transforming the organization’s future into a global innovation organization. Such innovation have the potential for business development and expansion or provide additional services to EGCO Group’s companies and external companies through reducing production costs, increasing revenue, and increasing the efficiency of production processes.

The final 6 teams selected in the competition will participate in a boot camp with experienced coaches and mentors, and partake in sandbox experience, a 90-day assessment framework for teams to experiment, collect data, take action, and receive funding for starting up the innovation.

Description of innovative projects from the final 6 teams selected are described in

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