EGCO Group encourages its personnel to apply innovative ideas and creations into their working processes to continually improve performance and drive the organization toward sustainable development, as well as striving for building a learning organizational culture. Supports from the management open the opportunity for personnel to take action by trial and error within an acceptable framework, promote knowledge exchange and learning culture, and provide training courses to encourage its personnel to realize the value of knowledge management and therefore adopt it as part of their working processes.

Internal innovation contest and innovative activities have been conducted since 2018 under the project “EGCO Group Innergy” to enhance personnel knowledge and capabilities to initiate their creativities or innovations that are beneficial to the organization, thus allows EGCO Group to achieve its vision in transforming the Group to an international innovative organization. These innovations have the potential for being developed as new businesses or services by EGCO Group’s subsidiaries and external companies, which would create the changes in cost and profit, as well as being further developed into efficient production processes e.g. reducing production cost and improving the efficiency of working process or procedure.

In 2022, EGCO Group sought for the ultimate innovation within the organization through the challenging innovation contest “EGCO Group Innergy, Innovative Power of Internal Sustainability”. This contest allows personnel to take part in the invention of creative operations to encourage the “Innovation Idea” in their DNAs. This ECGO Group Innergy aims to open the stage for all personnel to express their utmost creativities and innovative knowledge and capabilities through online and semi-reality contest which is exciting, challenging, and in line with their new normal way of life.

Details of the innovation projects are provided in:

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