To ensure that safety promotion is a part of corporate culture, EGCO Group is determined to constantly build knowledge, understanding, and awareness regarding occupational and personal safety. Occupational health and safety training courses are provided for employees and contractors to ensure that they can perform their works safely and are able to respond to accident, incident, and occupational diseases as provided below.

Safety training prior to operation for employees and contractors.
Safety training for safety officers in management level.
Safety training for safety officers in supervisory level.
Safety training for safety committee.
Safety in workplace training as per legal requirements e.g., safety for working with electricity, safety for working in confined space, and safety for working at height.
First-aid training.
Emergency response training and drill, comprising fire suppression and evacuation, rescue of injured person, chemical spill response, oil spill and removal, and flood emergency response.
Occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001 training course for relevant personnel at the power plants.
Arrange an occupational safety week showcase with the objectives to raise awareness of operators, contractors, and employees regarding the importance of occupational health and safety to minimize the likelihood of accident during duty and off-duty time.

EGCO Group encourages employees to report unsafe working environment and risky or unsafe behavior in the organization. Incident shall be recorded, analyzed, and investigated for root cause. Appropriate preventive and corrective measures shall also be established to avoid similar incident in the future. All operators are allowed to stop work immediately if unsafe working condition or accidental risk is found without recognized as fault action.

Details of occupational health and safety training courses are provided in Project Highlight.