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EGCO Group realizes the importance of climate change being experienced around the world, particularly the natural disasters that is increasing in severity. EGCO Group is therefore committed to operating with environmental responsibility and aims to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from its operation to ensure that no negative impacts on the environment and resources are arisen by its operation. At the same time, EGCO Group is seeking to invest in alternative energy businesses or other businesses that would constantly generate strong benefits for the organization.

EGCO Group is aware that electricity and energy production business is a major source of carbon dioxide emission which leads to global warming and climate change. Solving problem at sources is of priority in business operation which has been implemented for example, balancing fuel types used in electricity production to gain energy security, increasing the investment in renewable energy and clean energy continuously every year, and establishing Thai Conservation of Forest Foundation (TCOF) who has been conserving and restoring the main watershed forests of Thailand for more than 20 years. However, considering current world energy direction and Thailand has pledged in COP26 to achieve carbon neutral by 2050 and net-zero emission by 2065, EGCO Group has therefore changed its business operation to comply with such directions.

Management Approach

Climate Change Target


Long Term Target
  • Carbon neutral by 2050.

  • Reduction of carbon intensity by 10% within 2030.

  • Increase electricity generated using renewable energy to 30% within 2030.

2021 Target
  • 125 MW increase of electricity production capacity using renewable energy.

  • 1% reduction of carbon intensity compared with normal operation in 2020.

2021 Performance
  • 17.46% indirectly invest in Apex Co., Ltd. which is large clean energy developer in USA.

  • 28% invest in 972 MW natural gas fired Linden Cogeneration Plant.

  • Reduce 2.89 million tons CO2e of greenhouse gases.

  • 19% electricity generation using renewable energy.

Climate Change Strategy

Climate Change Strategy is one of EGCO Group’s business operational directions toward sustainable growth that is “Cleaner, Smarter and Stronger to Drive Sustainable Growth”.

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Investment Direction

To extend its business diversity, EGCO Group seeks for new investment opportunities to continuously strengthen power generation business which is its core business.

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Increase Financial Competitive

EGCO Group plans to increase financial competitiveness by securing funding with competitive cost and adjusting financial risk management policy to be in acceptable level in case of exchange rate and interest fluctuations.

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Operation Improvement

EGCO Group gives importance to promoting operational technology improvement and application and promotes an efficient energy consumption within the organization.

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Innovate organization

EGCO Group aims to be a high efficiency organization driven by innovation and sustainable operational processes to be ready for a low carbon society.

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Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Supporter


EGCO Group supports voluntary disclosure of climate information with reference to reporting framework of Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and takes part in such disclosure (TCFD supporters)

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Carbon Credit and Carbon Capture

EGCO Group has analyzed projects with environmental conservation potential that help reduce greenhouse gases e.g. solar power plant, wind power plant, and hydropower plant, of which the amount of gas reduction can be clearly calculated.

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