One of EGCO Group’s priorities is to maintain a resilient investment portfolio. This means that in our electricity generation business, we aim to increase the share of renewables while decreasing the share of fossil fuels.

Investment Direction

To open up the Company to more possibilities and diversify our portfolio, EGCO Group continuously seeks new investment opportunities that support our core business activities in electricity generation alongside exploring pathways to expand our activities to other related businesses. Related businesses primarily include businesses in the fuels and utilities sector and businesses that operate smart energy solutions. In this way, EGCO Group ensures that our business can operate with stability and grow sustainably.

EGCO Group’s Approach to Investment

Fuels and Infrastructure

Type of Business and Investment:

  • Fuel Pipeline & Transportation
  • Industrial Estate
  • LNG Value Chain
  • Gas Processing & Liquefaction
  • Regasification

Expand into businesses that add value to businesses in the fuels and utilities sector

  • Prioritize investments in the fuels and utilities sector in order to secure long-term income and predictable cash flows and ensure stable growth for the Company.
  • Seek opportunities to participate and invest in domestic and foreign markets, prioritizing building on existing investments.
  • Monitor progress and engage shareholders and strategic partners in business development.
  • Initiate investments to build familiarity with markets and businesses.
Power Generation



Strengthen the electricity generation business by adopting a balanced asset portfolio approach.

  • Grow our networks and prioritize efforts to strengthen the Company’s core business in order to ensure readiness for new opportunities.
  • Identify countries that have investment opportunities, increasing energy demand, and established priorities in social and environmental issues.
  • Efficiently leverage the Company’s various assets and fuel sources, including both fossil fuel power plants and renewable energy power plants. Renewable energy power plants include but are not limited to hydropower, solar, wind, and geothermal power plants.
  • Create a balanced investment portfolio with diversified fuel sources to increase revenue stability and sustainable growth.
Smart Energy Solutions

Type of Business and Investment:

  • Solar Solution Provider
  • Energy Storage & Integration to RE hybrid firm
  • Microgrid components
  • Energy management systems

Seek new opportunities in the smart energy market.

  • Assess business growth potential, taking into consideration the likelihood of new opportunities that may arise from disruptive technology and high growth businesses (New S-curve).
  • Seek opportunities to enter new markets while timing market entry for optimum benefit.
  • Identify funding sources and models that meet the needs of the organization and align with market conditions and manage risk levels at acceptable levels.