[GRI 403-3 (2018), 403-6 (2018)]

EGCO Group realizes the importance of quality of life, health, and well-being of all employees, and aims to build and enhance a healthy way of living to ensure that EGCO Group’s employees are healthy and maintain a good relationship among each other. Annual general health check-up programs are provided for all employees, and specific health check-up programs are provided to relevant employees with respect to their occupational health risks, in accordance with the requirements of Ministerial Regulation: Determination of Health Check-up Standards for Employee Working in Relation to Risk Factor B.E.2563 (2020). All employees can access their health data through hospital’s application, which is a database accessible by relevant parties and medical staff to be used for health analysis and monitoring, and for preparing health promotion plan for employees.

Apart from annual health check-up program, EGCO Group has also arranged activities to promote the health and well-being of employees including exercise activities and sports competitions e.g. football, badminton, bowling, running, aerobic exercise, pétanque, and daily exercise routine before work.

Details of the promotion of workers’ health and well-being projects are provided in see projects