[GRI 403-3 (2018), 403-6 (2018)]

EGCO Group realizes the importance of the quality of life, health, and well-being of all employees, and is dedicated to fostering and enhancing a healthy lifestyle to ensure that EGCO Group’s employees not only maintain good health but also cultivate strong relationships with each other. Annual general health check-up programs are offered for all employees, and specific health check-up programs are provided to relevant employees based on their occupational health risks, in compliance with the requirements of Ministerial Regulation: Determination of Health Check-up Standards for Employee Working concerning Risk Factor B.E.2563 (2020). All employees can access their health data through the hospital’s application, which is a database accessible by relevant parties and medical staff, facilitating health analysis, monitoring, and the preparation of health promotion plans for its employees.

Overseeing the physical and mental health of employees is a key factor in developing a successful organization. Healthy employees, mentally and physically, often produce better results and are more satisfied with their work. Maintaining physical and mental health is not only the responsibility of the employees, but also the organization’s in creating a good working environment that fosters happiness and productivity among employees.

Physical Health Care

Maintaining physical health is crucial in creating energy and balance in the workplace. EGCO Group encourages its employees to exercise regularly through various activities e.g. annual runs, EGCO Sports Day, and sports competitions. These activities aim to inspire employees and provide enjoyable ways to stay active. Additionally, Khanom Power Plant organized a ‘Health Camp’ to encourage behavioral changes that promote healthier lifestyles among employees that benefit both the organization and their families.

Mental Health Care

Maintaining mental health is equally vital, as it contributes to increased happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. EGCO Group is dedicated to fostering a positive and fulfilling work environment by organizing relaxation-focused activities. These include creative team-building exercises, meditation sessions, and the establishment of the EGCO Mental Health Center, which offers mental health consultations for employees.

Details of employee health and well-being promotion programs are provided in See Projects