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EGCO Group is determined to operate its business with environmental responsibility. Management of all environmental aspects have been put in place efficiently including air quality, water and wastewater, and waste management, in order to minimize negative impacts to the environment as well as value chain, and aims for the best practice operation.

EGCO Group is well aware of the differences in environment, society, legislation, as well as environmental requirements in the countries it is operating in. Environmental management targets and key performance indicators have therefore been determined to be strictly implemented by the organization and its power plants. EGCO Group also operates in accordance with environmental legislation and requirements in each country in order to co-exist with local communities in all areas sustainably.

Management Approach

Environmental and Social Management System

EGCO Group has prepared Environmental Policy and Environmental and Social Management System Manual as an operational framework for environmental and social matters to be acknowledged by its subsidiaries, joint ventures, suppliers, and stakeholders.

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Green Investment

Green Investment Procedure has been prepared to be an operational framework for assessing risk and opportunities of the projects being invested by EGCO Group.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

For the projects required by law, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted before project operation to provide coverage of environmental management as well as set up the measures to mitigate the impacts efficiently.

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Policies, Requirements and Performance

  • Sustainability Manual
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental and Social Management System Statement
  • Environmental and Social Management System Manual
  • Environmental and Social Management System Manual for Risk and Opportunity Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Management System Manual for Social Due Diligence Manual
  • Environmental and Social Management System Manual for Operational Controls
  • Green Investment Procedure
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Certification of ISO14001: 2015
  • Certification of ISO45001: 2018
  • Order 7/2023: Appointment of Working Group on Environmental Management Electricity Generating Public Company Limited Group (1st Amendment)

Performance Data

Updated as of March 2023

The information reported above was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI Standards). It has been audited by an external party and has received limited assurance through the 2022 Annual Report.