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[GRI 2-17 (2021)]

EGCO Group focuses its attention on risk and crisis management based on the belief that all businesses experience risk, and therefore strives to manage risk efficiently taking into account the balance between risk, returns, and mutual benefits of stakeholders to achieve corporate targets while increasing added values to the organization in a sustainable manner. Managing risk efficiently helps reduce the probability, level, and size of the damages. It also increases the capability to respond to any emergency incident, as well as the adaptability to changes currently experienced and in the future.

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Management Approach

Risk Governance

EGCO Group has designed a risk management system and internal control to be appropriately independent of each other.

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Risk Management Strategy

EGCO Group has reviewed and edited the risk management policy and guidelines to cover all risk issues in parallel with enterprise-wide risk management while maintaining the balance between risk and return.

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Risk Culture

EGCO Group realizes that risk culture is one of the essential factors to achieve successful risk management of the organization. It, therefore, encourages all employees to be aware and understand that risk management is everyone’s duty and responsibility.

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