EGCO Group’s goal is to become a highly efficient organization. We aim to achieve this through advancing innovative initiatives and sustainable business practices that together enable the transition to a low-carbon society. Additionally, we invest in initiatives to strengthen the capacity of our human resource and have defined guidelines for sustainable practices. Finally, in consideration of the critical role innovation and technology play in enabling the Company to seek opportunities to enter new markets and access new business opportunities within the electricity generation industry, EGCO Group has integrated information technology and innovation in all our work processes. More details are presented below.

Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

  • Distributed generation (including solar or photovoltaic (PV) cells, micro combined heat and power systems (Micro-CHP), and others)
  • Others (including renewable energy generation and other innovative electricity generation technologies)
Demand-Side Management

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy audits and energy management services
  • Others, such as:

    • Co-developed research on innovation and commercialization opportunities with Innopower Company Limited and achieved readiness for renewable energy certificates (REC) trading.
    • Provided operation, maintenance, engineering, and construction services to industrial customers
Distributed Generation

Energy Efficiency

  • Information campaigns, audits, and tariff measures
  • Others (including operation, maintenance, engineering, and construction services to industrial customers, and coal mining)
Demand-Side Management

Load Optimization

    • Power purchase agreements with varying peak and off-peak fees (tariff measures, contracting for load reduction)
    • Smart grid technology
    • Micro-grids
    • Virtual power plants
    • Large-scale storage (>100 kWh)
    • Others (including operation, maintenance, engineering, and construction services to industrial customers, and coal mining)
Distributed Generation

Fuel Switching

  • Electric vehicles/ charging networks
  • Linden Cogen Power Plant completed improvements to its gas turbine to ensure it can support combustion of fuels with a hydrogen mix.
  • Heating systems that reduce GHG emissions
  • Others (including power generation from biomass fuels)

Innovative businesses are new sources of revenue that help EGCO Group achieve economic success while aligning with the ultimate goal of B2DS. Diversification is vital to capture emerging market opportunities in the power sector.

Business 1: Circular Product Services

Providing access to the benefits of the equipment without owning it

Based on the circular economy concept, this business allows customers to enjoy the benefit of equipment while EGCO Group takes care of its functionalities throughout its lifetime and takes responsibility for its end-of-life management. For example, instead of selling solar PV, energy storage, smart meter, charging station, this business provides clean electricity, backup energy service, energy usage information and access to power for customers.

Business 2: Comprehensive Outsource Service for SPP/VSPP

Capitalizing on EGCO Group’s expertise in energy production and management system to accelerate energy transition

With the rise of decentralized power generation, EGCO Group can be a trusted expert who helps SPP and VSPP in all steps from project development through operation and trading. Moreover, a high market share of power plant operation services in the same area can further give EGCO an opportunity to generate income through secondary services such as energy supply aggregators.

Business 3: Energy Management Service

Transforming clients with smart technology

Assisting smart cities, industrial estates, commercial buildings, factories and residential estates in holistic energy management including energy efficiency improvement, renewable energy generation and consumption, sector coupling with green electrification, micro-/smart grid formation and overall cost reduction. All of these are with the help of smart technology. This business can be developed in conjunction with Circular Product Services and will grant a strategic position for the Green Mobility business for EGCO Group.

Business 4: Green Mobility

Powering urban private transportation and delivery service

Green Mobility business provides charging s for EV users in urban areas. Two types of charging s are considered, Stationary Smart Charging System where users park and charge their EV, and Swap-and-go s where batteries are exchanged on the spot without the need to wait for charging. This business opportunity can be extended in partnership with urban delivery service. Given the high competition, the success of this business is likely to depend on the Energy Management Service business where EGCO Group already presents as the energy manager in smart cities, commercial buildings or residential estates.