Customer Relationship Management Strategy

EGCO Group has established a strict customer service policy that covers the provision of high-quality and trustworthy services, fair and honest working practices, punctuality, delivering quality products and services, as well as protecting customers’ classified data without any misuse of data for personal gain or third-party benefits.

In addition, EGCO Group has initiated customer participation by organizing activities to build relationships, arranging meetings to exchange information and comments to develop production plans that comply with customers’ requirements, as well as conducting customer satisfaction surveys on an annual basis to maintain continuous customer relationship management development.

Customer Relationship Excellence

EGCO Group is determined to generate and distribute a power supply of high quality that complies with power system standards to ensure customers’ sufficient and continuous supply.

Customer % (Revenue: %) Generation Capacity (MWh)
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) 45.86 3,417.53
Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) 23.13 682.93
KPX Power Exchange (KPX) 18.35 902.95
Others 12.67 669.68

Note: The operation of RISEC is not included in the above Generation Capacity

As of 2022, classified by revenue, 45.86% of EGCO Group’s revenue was from EGAT, making them one of its key customers. The past performance reveals that EGCO Group has achieved the determined targets in its power purchase agreements. The customers and company’s stakeholders are therefore ensured that their requirements will be well met in all aspects.