EGCO Group encourages its directors, executives, and staff to take part in the initiatives and responsibilities of EGCO Group’s obligations by complying with corporate business ethics.

Such business ethics include code of conduct for executives and staff regarding corruption and bribery, discrimination, confidentiality of information, conflicts of interest, antitrust/anti-competitive practices, money-laundering and/or insider trading/dealing, environment, health and safety, and whistleblowing, which are in compliance with relevant regulations and EGCO Group’s orders and policies to ensure that its business operation does not violate any regulations or requirements of government agencies and complies with international business operational standards.

EGCO Group has established Anti-corruption and Bribery Policy and Measures Manual to ensure that any business operations susceptible to violation are carefully undertaken. It focuses on preventing and counteracting all bribery and corruption activities, both directly and indirectly. EGCO Group expresses its determination not to take part in any bribery and corruption of government and private agencies to achieve any wrongful benefits.