[GRI 2-18 (2021)]

EGCO Group’s Board of Directors conducts self-assessment on an annual basis to jointly review the performance and problems that arise in the past year. Effectiveness of the operation is evaluated using a self-assessment form that is verified by Nomination and Remuneration Committee and approved by the Board. The self-assessment forms of the Board and sub-committee are revised on an annual basis.

In 2022, the Board reviewed and approved the 2020 version of self-assessment forms for group, individual, and cross assessment due to the fact that such version comprehensively covers the roles and responsibilities of board of directors in all aspects, and conform to EGCO Group’s attributes, environment, morality, and business ethics. The sub-committee has reviewed and updated their self-assessment form to be in line with their revised roles and responsibilities as prescribed in the 2022 sub-committee charter. The evaluation is calculated as a percentage of the full score of each question. The completed assessment forms of all directors are returned to the corporate secretary to be analyzed and summarized and will be used to improve the efficiency of the board of directors’ operation in the following year.