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EGCO Group operates with a vision to become a leader in sustainable power company with consideration to environmental conservation and social development, contributing to a sustainable and stable growth. The Company is trusted by stakeholders and the public as we operate on the foundation of good corporate governance principles, have responsibilities towards every stakeholder, as well as value natural resources and the environment.

Management Approach

Sustainability Management
[GRI 102-19]

EGCO Group stipulated Sustainability Management Policy, Framework, and Guideline

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EGCO and Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

EGCO Group continuously develop our business towards a sustainable future as well as operates in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

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Materiality Assessment
[GRI 102-31]

EGCO Group conducts materiality assessment annually with consideration to related internal and external operations, including potential impacts they can have on the Company, stakeholders, society, and the environment, as well as the relevant topics regarding stakeholders’ expectations.

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Stakeholder Engagement
[GRI 102-40, 102-42, 102-43, 102-44]

EGCO Group places importance in stakeholder as they are crucial to our business operations both directly and indirectly. For instance, business expansion, revenue, and reputation.

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