[GRI 401-2 (2016), 404-2 (2016)]

EGCO Group believes that apart from employee qualifications, quality of life and well-being are crucial factors to achieve the target of work-life balance. This would build the connection between employees and organization and make them keen grow together with the organization.

EGCO Group is willing to enhance employee’s happiness and wellbeing, both physically and mentally during their employment and after retirement through the following welfares.

Happy Workplace Welfare

e.g., work from anywhere policy and financial support for skill development training.

Healthcare for Employees and Their Families

e.g., insurance for employees and their family members, exercise facilities, and I STRONG Project that provides psychological consultation.

Financial Welfare

e.g., EGAT Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited, loans, maternity Flexible working hours allowance, and education fund.

Retirement Benefits

e.g., happy retirement savings account and provident fund.

Travel Supports

e.g., employee shuttle bus.

Holidays and Leaves

e.g., maternity leave, practicing dharma, and personal leave.

Happy Workplace Welfares

  • Flexible working practice through Work from Anywhere Policy that allows employees to manage their working and personal time.
  • Flexible working hours by providing options for in-out working time.
  • Improving working environment by using Microsoft Teams system to facilitate working activities.
  • Remuneration for working overtime and during holidays.
  • Special remuneration e.g. remuneration for special skill (welding, crane driving, etc.).
  • Expenses for training and skill development.
  • Activities to strengthen the relationship of employees e.g. company’s outing, new year party, Songkran festival, etc.
  • Annual activities on Buddhist Lent day
  • Provision of self-service coffee machine and vending machine.
  • Workplace stress management
    • Break support to relieve stress which free drinks and snacks are provided.
    • Mental health center project for mental care and consultation
    • Stress counselling
    • Webinar session for happy workplace
  • Part-time working options for expert consultants or specialists which work is only as required.

Healthcare for Employees and Their Families

  • Health and life insurances (including disability and accident insurances) for employees and their family members.
  • Additional budget for employees’ healthcare and annual check-up (increased budget in 2022).
  • Sport club, gym, and fitness center.
  • I STRONG Project which provides psychological consultation.
  • Breast-feeding facilities.
  • Allow for Covid-19 vaccination without counting as leave days.
  • Provision of gift basket for sick employee.
  • Provision of home isolation kit during Covid-19 pandemic for employees
  • Supporting payment for annual health check-up of retired employees at private hospitals at the same rate as existing employees.

Financial Welfares

  • EGAT Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited
  • Maternity allowance for female employees and legitimate wives or male employees, and gifts for newborns.
  • Childcare contributions.
  • Welfare loan e.g. home loan, home loan interest, and special loan.
  • Telephone/internet allowance.
  • Accommodation allowance.

Retirement Benefits

  • Provident fund
  • Retirement compensation as required by Labor Law.
  • Happy retirement savings account (special interest) under EGAT Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited

Travel Supports

  • Provision of 2 shuttle bus routes including Mo Chit BTS Station – EGCO Tower, and Nonthaburi Government Center – EGCO Tower
  • Company cars
  • Vehicle allowances for employees.

Holidays and Leaves

  • Annual holidays.
  • Annual paid vacations.
  • Paid sick leave, not more than 30 days/year.
  • Paid leave/ paid family or care leave beyond parental leave for the activities that cannot be done during weekends or by other people including taking care of parents, child, spouse, or relatives who are sick or visiting doctors or hospitals, marriage ceremony, graduation, funeral of parents, spouse, or child, or other cases.
  • Paid parental leave for the primary caregiver (maternity leave) for female employees (total of 98 leave days with 45 paid days), for child laboring of legitimate wife or care of legitimate child for non-primary caregiver (male employees) (5 paid leave days).
  • Ordination or perform of Hajj.
  • Practice dharma.
  • Military service.
  • Sterilization leave.
  • Training or skill development leave.