EGCO Group supports every level of employees in learning, training, and expertise development to prepare for EGCO Group’s continuous expansion. We create a corporate culture with learning at the core. Learning is an important ground for growth and development, both for the employees and the company. The yearly training and workshops are planned according to the Training Needs analysis, performance assessment results, the company’s policies and strategies, and related laws and regulations.

EGCO Group’s in-house training is therefore specific to the developmental needs of our employees tailored to their tasks and responsibilities. We are preparing our personnel in case there’s a need for adaptation on an organizational scale as well as a succession of important positions in the future. EGCO Group’s personnel has an option to join external training programs and seminars related to their field of work as well.

EGCO Group developed courses and training programs to develop knowledge and skill for employees at all levels, as follows.

Employee Development Program 1 Employee Development Program 2
Name of Employee Development Program The Right People Management ESCO – Certificate of ASME S Stamp & R Stamp
Percentage of employees participating in the program 65.32 % (81 persons) 100% (16 persons)
Description of program objective/ business benefits
  1. For managers to realize the importance of managing people and the important role of organization development under a challenging business environment
  2. To gain an understanding of the roles and duties of managers based on leadership competencies to drive team performance under various changes that may occur and under human resource management guidelines on performance and potential.
  3. To gain knowledge and understanding on the fundamentals of increasing work efficiency by increasing skills and incentives related to corporate commitment.
  1. To develop employee’s capability on boiler repair work in the power plant or in plants requiring to operate in accordance to the “R Stamp” certification
  2. To allow ESCO to be certified:
    1. to produce “S Stamp” boiler from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or ASME
    2. to repair and improve boilers and pressure vessels “R Stamp” from the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI)
  3. For ESCO to undertake work and operate in power plants or plants requiring ASME “S Stamp” and NBBI “R Stamp” certification
Quantitative impact of business benefits (monetary) Employee engagement score increased from 44% in 2019 to 56% in 2021. ESCO can bid for work with power plants or plants that have certification requirements of ASME “S” Stamp and NBBI “R” Stamp. If ESCO did not receive such certification, there will be opportunity loss for revenue of approximately 30 million Baht, which is the estimated value of work

[1] Program 1: 124 permanent FTEs are the coverage of employees eligible for the training based on their job tasks and the training objectives.
[2] Program 2: 16 permanent FTEs are the coverage of employees eligible for the training based on their professional job skills which are relevant to Boiler Maintenance section of ESCO