[GRI 404-2 (2016)]

EGCO Group supports and encourages employees in all levels to be knowledgeable, competent, and skillful to prepare for the continuous business expansion, and cultivates corporate learning value which is a vital foundation for organizational development and growth. Annual training and workshops are planned in accordance with the results of training requirement analysis and performance appraisal to ensure that it fulfills employees’ requirements, and organizational policy and strategy, as well as the compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Therefore, internal training and workshops are provided with the focus on employee development specifically to their capabilities and responsibilities to enhance the efficiency of their operations and prepare for organizational transition and succession of key positions in the future. In addition, EGCO Group provides the opportunity for employees to participate in external training programs as well as seminars relevant to their field of work.

EGCO Group has developed and arranged training programs on a continuous basis to enhance the knowledge and skills of its employees at all levels.