Why is this Important?

EGCO Group is committed to enhancing the potential and availability of electricity generation capacity toward ecological economic excellence in energy infrastructure business and aims to enhance its electricity generation capacity to achieve power stability. It focuses on transforming energy sources of electricity generation to clean energy and other renewable energy to minimize environmental impacts while maintaining the balance of economic and social growth.

Electricity production capacity to sufficiently meet the energy consumption demand is an important factor to gain credibility from EGCO Group’s stakeholders. Seeking for approaches to increase the efficiency of power plant to reduce the amount of fuel consumed in production process is therefore a big challenge for EGCO Group.

Management Approach

Availability and Reliability Target

Long Term Target
  • Machine reliability level is higher than the criteria set in electricity purchase agreement.

  • 30% increase in electricity production from renewable energy and smart energy solution.

2021 Target
  • Machine reliability:

    Coal-fired power plant: 


  • Natural gas power plant: 


2021 Performance
  • Machine reliability: 

    Coal-fired power plant: 


  • Natural gas power plant: 


*The performance is covered by EGCO's subsidiaries with operational controls and joint ventures.

Excellence Generation, Reliability and Availability

EGCO Group aims to enhance its electricity generation capacity to become a power producer excellence by seeking new efficient and environmentally friendly technology for its production process, for example, adopting technology solution TOMONI™ at Khanom Power Plant that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the power plant by increasing the temperature of exhausts from gas turbine, reducing energy consumption, and speeding up the response for any problem, thus increases machine reliability and avoids unplanned shutdown. In addition, EGCO Group has monitored the efficiency of machinery operation at each power plant constantly to maintain production efficiency of the plants and has set availability control value as a key performance indicator (KPI) of power plants which is also used for evaluating the performance of staffs at the power plants.

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