[GRI 403-1 (2018), 403-4 (2018)]

EGCO Group has established the occupational health and safety management system which reviews and identifies issues that might affect the sustainability of the organization, as well as risks and opportunities to the business, both positive and negative issues, taking into account both internal and external factors raised by stakeholders. Such information is considered to establish an operational framework and determine action plans and targets in line with the policy of the organization both at corporate and power plant levels.

EGCO Group set up an Occupational Health and Safety Committee and a working group comprising executives, operators, and safety officers of the company both at the head office and subsidiaries companies to ensure that all processes are controlled and would not affect corporate targets and respond to all groups of stakeholders equally and fairly. Occupational Health and Safety Manual has also been prepared in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard ISO 45001:2018, with the objectives to set operational guidelines and occupational health and safety management system. This Manual is meant to be adopted by subsidiaries companies and external individuals or agencies operating in EGCO Group’s properties. In addition, meetings shall be organized on a regular basis to report on the performance of the occupational health and safety management system to top executives and obtain recommendations.