EGCO Group supports various capacity building and stakeholder engagement programs that improve and advance the effectiveness of how we manage our climate-related risks and opportunities.

Increase Financial Competitiveness

EGCO Group aims to increase organizational competitiveness, especially focusing on financial competitiveness. To that end, the Company has secured funding sources with competitive costs and developed a policy to ensure financial risks are managed and maintained at acceptable levels during exchange rate and interest rate volatility.

Furthermore, EGCO Group is driven to establish the Company as a trusted and reputable organization amongst investors and students. We are also preparing to integrate various financial technologies (fintech) into our organizational processes in the future.

Improve Operational Efficiency

EGCO Group prioritizes efforts that promote the development and adoption of technology that improve operational efficiency in all work processes. We are implementing a range of initiatives to ensure effective time management in construction projects and optimize efficiency in the power plant and asset management. Together, these initiatives support our organizational goals while also minimizing carbon emissions.

Moreover, EGCO Group has conducted a study on organizational readiness for internal carbon pricing, and published a manual for internal carbon pricing that will be used internally from 2022 onwards.