The community operations framework consists of 3 phases:

  • Project Development
  • Project Construction
  • Project Operations (commercial operation through to end-of-contract)

Description of each phase are outlined as follows:

Community Operations Framework

  • Phase 1: Project Development


    In this phase, the working group will work with the Business Development Project Management and Community Relations teams to identify and prioritize important stakeholders in the area, build community participation and understanding, and is able to receive the social license to operate and construction permit in compliance with legal regulations. Community engagement is conducted through dialogue seminars or various activities with the community. A designated person is in charge of overseeing long-term community relations and engagement until the project is completed (end of operations contract)

  • Phase 2: Project Construction


    During project construction of the Project Management, Contract Management, and Community Relations work closely to control operations according to the monitoring and mitigation plan. Furthermore, progress is communicated to the community periodically, and communication channels are set up as appropriate. These operations cover the overseeing of related contractor operations to comply with the company’s operational approach strictly.

  • Phase 3: Project Operations (commercial operation through end-of-contract)


    In this phase, EGCO Group’s Community Development Working Group oversees and monitors operations through community relations activities in all power plant areas, according to the set plan. Furthermore, the corporate affairs and corporate communications unit protect against potential risks and other adverse impacts from operations. They also support the Community Development Working Group to improve internal communication by conducting training modules, communication via interactive website within the organization, various debriefing processes, conferences to share best practices, road shows to share knowledge from other power plants, and using technology through virtual exhibition. This is to build knowledge, understanding, and ideas of the approach regarding social responsibility to all related personnel and communicate with the public through the SukJai journal. This way, the community is notified of EGCO Group’s various projects and can provide opinions to the related working groups and report such progress and results to EGCO Group’s management.

Apart from engagement operations, EGCO Group also set up a framework to improve the community’s quality of life which consists of 6 principles to build engagement and implement projects to improve quality of life to develop stronger communities and societies, as follows:

Support of Local Employment

Development of Children and Youth

Development of Skills Beneficial to Occupation

Promotion of Sanitation of the Community

Development of Public Utilities

Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment