[GRI 304-3 (2016)]

To ensure that ecosystems and biodiversity surrounding EGCO Group’s power plant are conserved and appropriately managed, EGCO Group has set up a committee of experts to inspect the progress of each project. Such inspections are a part of the monitoring and mitigation plan in order to assess annual performance. The following projects are also implemented to monitor in case there are any incidents that may affect ecosystems and biodiversity.

Survey project on developing a database for monitoring changes in ecosystems and biodiversity during the commercial operation of power plant.

Conservation and restoration projects for wildlife and land and water ecosystems within a radius of 3-5 kilometers surrounding the power plant.

Knowledge management and development project on conservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity for employees, communities, and local stakeholders.

In addition, EGCO Group has collaborated to work with external partners to fulfill our commitment towards biodiversity, as follows:

Additionally, in 2023, EGCO Group collaborated with various agencies involved in biodiversity operations of Thailand, including Suanluang Rama IX Foundation, Chaipattana Foundation, Office of the Royal Development Projects Board, International Mangrove Botanical Garden Rama IX International Mangrove Botanical Garden Rama IX Foundation, Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council, Chitralada Technology Institute, Kasetsart University, National Research Council of Thailand, National Science and Technology Development Agency, and Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (Public Organization) to organize the International Conference on Biodiversity (IBD 2023) on the topic “Biodiversity: Key to Better Life”. The conference aims to enable biodiversity experts to exchange opinions on ecosystem conservation, climate change, the circular economy model, biodiversity, and international cooperation. There were academic conferences, exhibitions, and research showcases from institutes, communities, universities, the government sector, non-profit organizations, and private agencies both from Thailand and overseas.

EGCO Group also participated in the conference through exhibition showcases, exchanging experiences, and presenting its sustainable operational objectives under the theme “EGCO Group Pathway towards Net Zero Emissions Target”. This showcase aims to show the collective strength of both Thailand and international networks in conserving natural resources, preserving biodiversity, and addressing climate change issues.