EGCO Group stipulated Sustainability Management Policy, Framework, and Guideline as follow:

Policy and Statement

[GRI 2-23 (2021)]

Commit to operational excellence, covering economic, environmental, community, and social dimensions

Reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts on stakeholders, environment, community, and society as well as the Company’s business processes

Promote business development and social innovations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness with value added to the Company and stakeholders

Promote sustainable development of business counterparts involving ethical business operation with transparency, without fraud or corruption, with respect to human rights, care for safety and occupational health, and environmental management

EGCO Sustainability Framework

[GRI 102-19]

EGCO Group established sustainability operation framework’s 9 elements under 4 operational frameworks according to the ISO 26000, namely Accountability, Strategic Alignment, Stakeholder Engagement, and Transparency Reporting. The Company also established principles and requirements on various topics with regards to the national and international sustainability standards and requirements to develop the Sustainability Manual. In the pursuit of business sustainability, EGCO Group relies on the internal inter-department cooperation to integrate sustainability material topics into every operation in the company.


Sustainability Management Structure

[GRI 2-12 (2021), 2-13 (2021) 2-24 (2021)]

EGCO Group established the Sustainability Management Structure to oversee that business operations comply with the EGCO Group’s stipulated guidelines and policies. The Company appointed Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, a sub-committee responsible for overseeing sustainability business operation, and the Corporate Sustainability Steering Committee in the management level responsible for reporting the progress of works every quarter. Furthermore, EGCO Group has established sub-committees to drive the Company’s operations in various aspects on the foundation of sustainability development, including the economic, social, and environment, such as the Corporate Governance Working Group, Anti-corruption Working Group, Promoting Participation in Developing Life Quality of Community Working Group, Energy Management Working Group, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Committee, and Environmental Management Working Group.