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EGCO Group strongly believes that innovation for sustainability is an important aspect of driving business operations, increasing competitiveness, and creating a sustainable future. Especially during the digital era where technology plays an important role in business development. EGCO Group strategy is set up to optimize operational processes in accordance with the situation and current context. The strategy promotes innovation development in the organization, creative and innovative processes for employees which can be applied in working processes, increase efficiency, and create competitive advantage while concerning the society and environment.

Management Approach

Innovation Target

Long Term Target
  • Innovative works submitted to contest are implemented

  • At least 3 projects per year for EGCO Group

  • At least 2 projects per year for EGCO's subsidiary companies

2021 Target
  • 3 projects of innovative work submitted to contest are implemented and at least 1 project implemented is a new business opportunity

2021 Performance
  • A total of 40 innovative projects and ideas submitted to contests

EGCO Group Innergy

EGCO Group encourages for employees to adopt innovative ideas and processes and apply them to working processes to improve efficiency and sustainable development.

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Open Innovation

In 2021, EGCO Group and its joint ventures established Innopower Company Limited with an objective to generate additional income from innovative energy and technology businesses of the future (New S-Curve).

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