05 July 2023

Electricity Generating Public Company Limited or EGCO Group celebrated the success of “Energy Teacher” project for winning the prestigious “Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2023” (AREA 2023) in Investment in People category from Enterprise Asia, a leading non-governmental organization promoting Asian businesses with outstanding social and environment responsibility. The regional recognition reflected the company’s role in educating the general public about energy and the environment. This is achieved through the online training course that encourages teachers to use digital media to support effective teaching about energy and apply such knowledge to their daily lives.

Mr. Thepparat Theppitak, EGCO Group’s President, said, “As an expert with 31 years of experience in electricity generation and energy business, EGCO Group has an important mission to promote knowledge and correct understanding about electricity generating, and conservation of energy and the environment, especially among young people and teachers who play important role in transferring knowledge to the general public. In 2022, EGCO Group initiated an online training course on “Digital Learning and Teaching Practice for Sustainable Conservation of Energy and the Environment in the 21st Century through Khanom Learning Center Virtual Exhibition”. The objective is to train “energy teachers”, particularly in the elementary and secondary school levels, and enable them to use digital media as a tool in order to increase efficiency in energy and environment conservation teaching. The online training course was certified by the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) and can be used as teachers and educational professional development course.”

EGCO Group has already held four “Energy Teacher” online trainings with 161 teachers and interested people completed the courses. The assessment at the end of the program showed that the participants’ knowledge about electricity, energy and conservation of energy and the environment has significantly improved. They also demonstrated ability to apply their knowledge and tools from the virtual exhibition in their teaching as well as in their daily life. In addition, they can also transfer such knowledge to people in their neighborhood. This is important to support the development of a healthy society with good understanding of the importance of energy and natural resources, and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

“Winning the AREA regional award for the third consecutive year strongly underlines EGCO Group’s commitment to promoting public knowledge about electricity as well as conservation of energy and environment. This emphasizes our intention to promote sustainable development of the society and the environment under ESG framework and our vision “to be a major sustainable Thai energy company with full commitment to environment protection and social development support”, said Mr. Thepparat.

In 2022, EGCO Group won AREA 2022 – Green Leadership for its “EGCO Ecosystem”. The internal waste management project was aimed at raising awareness and educating its employees about types of waste and encouraging them to properly separate waste in the organization. In 2021, the company also received AREA 2021- Investment in People for its “Khanom Learning Center” in Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The center serves as an important learning center outside school for young people, communities, and the general public that teaches people about power and electricity generation process, Khanom’s way of live, the harmony living between Khanom Power Plant, community, and the environment.