February 2022

Gender Equality 2022

EGCO Group has implemented sustainability operation continuously and transparently and prepared Sustainability Report for public disclosure. Human right which covers gender equality is one of the most important sustainability issues recognized by the organization. EGCO Group has reported its sustainability operation in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI Standards), and supports UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) which covers business administration, economic, social, and environmental aspects.

EGCO Group focused on promoting and driving gender equality seriously. Diversity and Inclusion Statement has been announced which portrays EGCO Group’s standpoint and intention to open equal opportunities for all personnel without sexual limitation, as well as promotion of non-discrimination and harassment. Ethical code of conducts has been determined in writing, which complies with Target No. 5, to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.

EGCO Group has conduct organizational efficiency assessment every year to enhance human resources development through capacity evaluation process, human resources development plan, review of employee remuneration, and review of gender pay gap throughout the organization including gender pay gap analysis and equal pay analysis. Statistical data on gender diversity have been collected throughout the organization as well. The collected indicators for female employees include management positions, revenue generating functions, and science, technology, engineer, and math (STEM) related positions. Apart from data collection, EGCO Group is committed to continuously support female equality by establishing and disclosing diversity and inclusion targets, gender-balance workforce targets in STEM related positions, as well as maintaining gender balance workforce targets in STEM related positions which are EGCO Group’s core business to increase number of female employees and executives having skills, knowledge, capacity, and experiences in necessary positions, which would take EGCO Group to sustainability.

In 2021, EGCO Group won UN Women 2021 Thailand WEPs Awards in Transparency and Reporting and honorable mention award as Gender-inclusive Workplace. It was also nominated by UN Women for Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards and achieved as the second runner up for UN Women 2021 Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards in Transparency and Reporting to show its standpoint in encouraging women empowerment and gender equality.

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