March 2022

Excellence Generation

EGCO Group has given importance to the improvement of electricity generation process using innovation and environmentally friendly technology. It is attempted to reduce fuel consumption as well as minimize environmental impact. It is therefore seeking for the technology to increase power generation efficiency.

Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) for Performance Improvement

Unit 4 of Khanom Power Plant has upgraded inlet guide vane (IGV) to increase electricity generation capacity by increasing the exhaust temperature of gas turbine. This increased temperature also heightened the energy of heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and therefore increase the efficiency of steam turbine. The highest efficiency of the upgraded system was found when the engine ran at 60-70% of base load.

In addition, the software TOMONI Cloud Platform has also been installed to monitor and detect the problem before it happens, as well as implement the corrective action to prevent emergency shutdown for reparation or unscheduled shutdown.

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