March 2022

Biodiversity Survey Project of Khanom Power Plant

Khanom Power Plant attaches great importance to operating its business in parallel with conserving natural resources, the environment and sustainable biodiversity. Therefore, the power plant's regulations have been issued together with installing the signs prohibiting hunting in the area around the power plant. Moreover, to monitor changes in the biodiversity of animal populations, Khanom Power Plant has initiated a "Biological survey project indicating biodiversity at Khanom Power Plant." This is the project in cooperation with the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, to collect animal population data in the area around the power plant. The project aims to expand, develop operations and promote long-term sustainable conservation.

A Survey of indicating species in the Khanom Power Plant's green area will help plan for sustainable environmental resource management in the Khanom Power Plant area. Furthermore, the project supports the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG 15 Life on Land), including the management of power plant operating risks that may arise from wildlife such as monkeys and birds, etc. Promoting community participation in the survey will help conserve and manage natural resources more sustainably.

Besides the activities to protect and restore biodiversity, EGCO Group is also a member of the Thailand Business and Biodiversity Network Alliance (B-DNA). B-DNA aims to promote the role of the private sector in nature conservation in Thailand, raise awareness, and increase capacity by building a network to work on conservation projects throughout Thailand.

EGCO Group has been involved in the network as follows:

  1. Disseminate knowledge and understanding about biodiversity conservation through the company's communication channels.
  2. Support information on the diversity of wildlife to be part of the IUCN Red List Species endangered species plan.

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