Energy Conservation Project of EGCO Group’s Power Plants

Changing light bulbs to LED bulbs

Klong Luang (KLU) Power Plant, a subsidiary of EGCO Group, has set up energy conservation measures for electricity measures. In 2021, the power plant can replace streetlamps (250 watts) with LED bulbs (150 watts) to reduce energy consumption, avoid generating electricity and avoid Hazardous waste containing mercury. The total amount of 27 lamps that were replaced. The Energy consumption from LED bulbs was 4.05 kWh per year, a 50% reduction compared to pre-improvement power consumption and reduced expenses by 68,561.24 baht per year.

Quezon Power Plant Philippines, a subsidiary of EGCO Group, has established an energy conservation measure by replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs. As of December 2021, 74.83% of the light bulbs can be replaced, saving approximately 12,581.99 kWh and 123,017.87 PhP equivalent.

The lamp replacement project was able to avoid CO2 emissions by approximately 8.96 M TonCO2e.

Energy and Power Cost Saving from LED Lights Installation

Solar panels and/or windmills for lighting are installed whenever there are lighting needs at a remote location, areas with no power supply, or wherever possible.

Aside from generating savings in power cost, it contributes to avoiding CO2 emissions. As of December 2021, a total of 19,813.80 kWh with an estimated equivalent amount of PhP 193,725.47 were saved from the use of existing solar panels and windmills in lighting. The total power saved is also equivalent to avoiding the release of 14.11 M TonCO2e.

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