March 2022

Sea Turtle Conservation

Sea Turtle Conservation Project

To protect the “sea turtle,” the world's oldest living creature facing extinction and prevent potential impacts on the overall marine ecosystem. “Quezon Power Plant” in EGCO Group Philippines joined a "Sea turtle conservation project" run by the local government through organizing activities. This project aims to disseminate knowledge and train the local community by focusing on fishers. There are procedures to deal with when sea turtles are found at the seawater inlet of the Quezon Power Plant as follows:

  • Temporarily stop spraying chlorine in the seawater received.
  • Hurry up to help appropriately according to the situation and the size of the sea turtles found.
  • Assess to attach a follow-up tag. This is in accordance with the standards of local certifying bodies and immediately released back to Lamon Bay.
  • Prepare a report and submit it to the Office of Biodiversity Management, Environment and Natural Resources Department.

Since the year 2007 to the present, Quezon Power Plant has rescued a total of 63 sea turtles, and we remain committed to keeping our breath alive in order to preserve nature for sustainability in the future.

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