March 2022

Sustainable Way of Living with The Community: The Khanom Model

Sustainable Way of Living with The Community: The Khanom Model

From a small beginning, leading to the "Khanom Model," an integrated organic farming method that generates both incomes and creates a healthy society, including reducing the impact on the environment, which is considered a supportive and sustainable coexistence according to the intention EGCO Group.

Integrated organic farming is not an easy task. It takes both physical and mental strength to be determined to become a "Khanom model" organic farming lifestyle according to the sufficiency way, one of the proud community projects of Khanom Power Plant in the EGCO group, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected communities around the Khanom Power Plant, Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Both economic and social issues cause problems in the community, lack of income from unemployment.

  • Khanom Power Plant sees a light of hope in the midst of a crisis. Therefore, the "Khanom Model" project has been established to emphasize the promotion of integrated organic farming. The team has studied and learned seriously, including establishing projects strategically through the various cooperation of networks and community enterprise groups.
  • To transfer knowledge about organic agriculture Khanom Model team, together with the Sampran model, Nakhon Si Thammarat Sustainable Natural Food Association and members of the Khanom District Community Enterprise Group, organized training to educate communities on organic farming. Whether it is composting photosynthetic microorganisms’ organic pesticides, including fermented water from fish waste to be applied to agricultural products and to be used as valuable and healthy products, such as
    • Organic fruits
    • Organic chicken eggs
    • Herbal juices
    • Shampoo, herbal soap and many more
  • Finally, bringing the produce from organic agriculture enter to a large online market platform, "Thai Organic Platform," an application and website that will help raise farmers to online sellers without going through middlemen. This is considered to create opportunities and sustainable income for farmers, including providing quality and chemical-free produce to consumers along with reducing environmental impacts and creating ecological balance.

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