March 2022

Occupational Health and Safety

Year 2022

Promoting Health and Strengthening Relationships Through Sports Activities

To promote employee health and build positive community relations, the Khanom Power Plant organized activities that facilitated relationship-building between the Power Plant employees and surrounding communities. Activities organized included the “Sports Against Drugs Ban Pret @ Khanom District Cup” event, the “Ban Kwang Pao @ Khanom District Football Cup” event and a football competition that aimed to facilitate relationship building between the Roi Et Green Power Plant, Bo Thong Wind Farm Company Limited, and the Rom Klao District Municipality.

In addition, all EGCO Group power plants also organized sports events to promote relationships between employees from different power plants. These sports events function as networking and team-building activities that also promote physical activity and good health among employees. In 2022, some of the sports events EGCO organized included a football competition between the Roi Et Green Power Plant and ESCO, and another football competition for employees within Roi Et Green Power Plant.

Benefits of the Project

  • Promote good relationships between power plant employees and local communities.
  • Power plant employees use their free time to exercise and have improved health outcomes.

Implementation Approach

  • Organize sports events continuously every year to promote good relationships between power plant employees and surrounding communities.

2022 Performance

63 EGCO Group employees participated in sports events targeted to strengthen relationships between power plant employees and surrounding communities.

48 hours in total spent by EGCO Group employees in sports events targeted to strengthen relationships between power plant employees and surrounding communities.

Promoting Health Within Power Plants

Every EGCO Group power plant maintains a policy to promote good employee health through regularly organizing sports activities that employees can participate in. For example, the Solarco Power Plant organizes aerobic dance classes, the Klong Luang Power Plant arranges football competitions, and the Ban Pong Power Plant runs badminton games. Meanwhile, the Theppana Wind Farm Power Plant, the Chaiyaphum Wind Farm Power Plant, and ESCO host early morning exercises before work hours.

Furthermore, EGCO Group also encourages employees to participate in other sports activities organized outside the power plant. For example, the Company supported Banpong Power Plant employees in joining a bowling fundraiser event organized by the alumni association of the Benchamarachuthit Ratchaburi School and supported EGCO Cogen Power Plant employees in participating in the Rayong Fruit Farm Run 2022 event.

Benefits of the Project

  • Power plant employees use their free time to exercise and have improved health outcomes.
  • Power plant employees have opportunities to spend time together outside work, and employee relationships within the organization are improved.

Implementation Approach

  • Promote employee participation in various sports activities, including those organized by the power plant and those organized by external parties.

Year 2021

Occupational Health and Safety

Healthy Promotion

EGCO Group is committed to build and promote healthy lifestyle to ensure that its personnel are healthy and maintain good relationship among each other. It aims to arrange health promotion campaign at least twice a year.

Healthy promotion activity has been arranged continuously every year for example, exercise activities and sports competition e.g. football, petanque, and bowling, as well as other health promotion campaigns e.g. providing information on the prevention of COVID-19 and dengue fever which are carried out throughout the year.

EGCO Mental Health Center Project by HR

Current situation including COVID-19 pandemic, social and environment conditions, etc., has affected the personnel and lead to stress and effects on their daily living e.g. accumulated stress, change of behaviours, emotional instability, or office syndrome.

EGCO Group has realized the importance of personnel’s health, therefore, EGCO Mental Health Center by HR has been arranged to relax and reduce mental exhaustion and to allow personnel to have an opportunity to consult with health specialist via iSTRONG, a channel to provide mental evaluation by psychiatrist, psychological consultant, or clinical psychologist through telephone/video, of which the consultation history will be kept confidential.

COVID-19 Transmission Prevention Measures

Due to the widespread of COVID-19 disease in the past 2 years, EGCO Group has given importance to personnel’s health and safety, as well as the cooperation with government agencies to control the transmission.

Various measures have been determined for example, encouraging working from home or in the case that on-site work is necessary, the personnel are required to strictly follow the measures e.g. wearing mask all the times inside the building, arranging screening point to measure temperature and take history, requesting for cooperation from personnel, subcontractors, and visitors not to travel abroad or to hometown, and developing system procedure regarding epidemic or emerging disease emergency plan. In addition, preventive measures and response approaches for COVID-19 transmission are also included in schedule outage plan of power plants, which are divided to 4 phases including pre-operation, during operation, post-operation, and during local spread of COVID-19 disease, and have been communicated to all personnel.

EGCO Group also performs emergency response fro the case that COVID-19 infection patient is found. It includes closing office building to prepare for cleaning, sending the infected patient to hospital for medical treatment, and isolating close contacts of the patient for 14 days.

Preparedness for Oil Spill at Jetty Pier of Khanom Power Plant

Khanom Electricity Generating Co., Ltd performed the drill for oil spill response and cleanup plan in case of diesel spill from the hose at the jetty pier of Khanom Power Plant. The drill scenario was that the remaining diesel in flexible hose was leaked from the normally closed flange.

However, due to the hot climate, approximately 20 liters of diesel was leaked from the gasket of the flange. This drill was a collaboration between Khanom Power Plant and relevant authorities including Khanom Gas Separation Plant, and Marine Department, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. After the drill was completed, the results of the drill were analyzed to revise the response approaches for future incidents.

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